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Cryo-Ethanol Extracted CBD Distillate


Our extraction process utilizes pure spirit alcohol chilled to -80°C. Extraction at extremely low temperature reduces the natural solvent properties of spirit alcohol. This gentle extraction process eliminates winterization and leaves plant material in tact without dissolving chlorophyll or botanical wax. Various spirit alcohols are available for extraction, including alcohol derived from organic grain, grape, orange, coconut, lychee and banana. We source only the highest quality spirit grade alcohol, denatured or other “industrial” alcohols are never used.






McMinnville Oregon

(more locations coming soon)

Biomass Processing

We can process biomass to crude or distillate, with a distillate production capacity over 200Kg per month.

*Production may vary with quality of biomass and desired product, contact us for further information.

Crude oil processing

We can process any crude to distillate, weather its from CO2, Ethanol or Hydrocarbon, we can process crude from winterization to distillation.

*Crude oils vary greatly and will affect production capacity, contact us for further information.

Toll Processing

Have biomass or crude? Let us process it for you with no upfront cost.

 Coming Soon

USDA Organic Certified

White Label Tinctures (for preorders contact us)